Our Values Lie in Our Process

At Seek Collective, we are dedicated to running a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain that participates in the collective movement toward slower, more sustainable fashion. Since our founding, we have cultivated a process that amplifies artistic design and craft traditions while uplifting the artisans who practice them, ensuring sustainable livelihoods for all the people involved in our supply chain. 

We spent many years finding like minded groups to partner with—partners who share our values and are passionate about fair wages, good and safe working conditions, and protecting our planet. Through first hand relationships with our partnerships—including factories, dyers, printers, and weavers—we create distinct and long-lasting staples that celebrate the creative spirit.


Everything has to begin somewhere. Our designs and ideas come from life, art, places, and feelings. We custom design all of our textiles and all of our clothes. To learn more about each season's inspiration, visit our blog.

Natural Dyeing

We work with natural dyes as much as possible—that means using dyes made from things found in nature like roots, bark, flowers, leaves, minerals, and even bugs. Our natural dyeing manufacturer has a closed loop system, recycling all water and leaving no environmental harm. Learn more about natural dyeing here.

Handloom Weaving

Weaving on a handloom is an ancient practice for creating cloth. There is a rhythm to the craft, and it is passed down from generation to generation. We partner with NGOs and other weaving groups dedicated to supporting weavers and their rich heritage. Learn more about handloom weaving here.

Hand Block Printing

Hand block printing is the oldest and slowest method of printing a fabric, dating back many hundreds of years. It requires the skills of many artisans and is embedded within certain communities. Learn more about our block printing here.

Stitching & Finishing

All of our beautiful textiles end up at a small woman owned and operated stitching unit in southern India. This is where any hand embroidery happens, as well as the crucial step of stitching the cloth into garments. Learn more about our stitching and finishing here.


When it comes to packaging, it’s not just what’s on the inside that matters. We are careful to keep the environment in mind in everything we do. Our hang tags are compostable (if you plant them and care for them they will grow into a basil plant!), our labels are made from organic cotton, and all of our paper goods are made with eco printers on recycled paper. We wrap your purchases in recycled paper and mail them to you in biodegradable packaging. Learn more here.

Zero Waste

The supply chain does not stop there! We are committed to running a zero waste process, meaning none of the fabric left over from production goes to waste. This initiative started with a collection of quilts designed and stitched in partnership with an inspiring NGO dedicated to empowering women (learn more about them here). With other leftover yardage, we have made sleep sets, napkins, and bandanas. Our very small pieces are turned into paper, which are used in our Seek notebooks. You can shop all things zero waste here.

One Tree Planted

As part of our ethical ethos, we are proud to have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every product sold. Learn more.

Climate Beneficial Wool

Climate Beneficial wool, as verified by Fibershed, speaks to the farming practices on the sheep farm where carbon can be measured and monitored for permanent soil carbon soil. It’s better than climate neutral because it means carbon is being trapped! Learn more about our California sourced and knit sweaters here.