Natural Dyes

We partner with a group of dyers dedicated to using natural dyes in South India.  Employees here are paid 49%-929% higher than the India minimum wage, have health support, transportation costs covered, paid advances when necessary and given leave whenever needed. 

The group we work with for dyeing our solid colors and much of our hand-loomed yarn have spent close to a decade researching and developing how to dye using only environmentally safe natural dyes and non-toxic mordants.

Using vegetables, minerals, flowers, and even bugs in a lush jungle area of South India, they have perfected these techniques and have a passion for environmental and social responsibility.

Solid waste is used as manure on their local farming land and treated waste-water is used for safe irrigation of surrounding rice crops, which feed the locals.

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Caring and washing instructions for naturally dyed garments:

We recommend hand washing with cold water, dry cleaning, or depending on the material may machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Line dry in shade.

Certain colors, such as indigo, may cause initial bleeding but will not stain. You may hand wash separately initially to avoid this.

Water containing iron can sadden certain shades as can heavy acid perspiration or strong ozone pollution.

Do not use bleach or any strong chemicals.

Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.