Seek Collective is a line of elevated essentials inspired by the global woman. We blend art, craft, and design to create items that are luxurious, sensible, and timeless.

What We Care About

We are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility at every step of our supply chain. We produce through partnerships with natural dyers, hand block printers, hand loom weavers, and other environmentally sound vendors and suppliers.

Where We Are

Seek Collective is designed in Berkeley, CA + Brooklyn, NY and ethically manufactured by artisan communities in India.

Who We Are

Carol Miltimore, Founder

After graduating from Parsons School of Design and interning for Michael Kors in New York City and the couture designer Anne Valerie Hash in Paris, Miltimore spent a decade working as a designer for the likes of Calvin Klein Jeans, Converse and Armani Exchange. While doing all that she became a certified yoga teacher, helped launch an urban roof farm, took textile courses, and traveled to places like Tibet and Morocco where she met with various artisans.

I love textiles and fashion design as an art, as something to express yourself in, and as a form of cultural storytelling and history. When I was working in the corporate industry I felt removed from the process of apparel manufacturing both as a designer and as a consumer. I also saw that apparel is an industry that has historically exploited people and the environment. I wanted to stay in the industry yet do it in a way that instead empowered people, was considerate to the planet, and brought transparency to the manufacturing process behind the scenes. 

Seek Collective began after I traveled to India solo with a one-way ticket for an artist residency and to visit craftspeople throughout the country. My goal has always been and continues to be creating beautiful, high quality, relevant garments that people feel good living their lives wearing while making sure the way they were made has been as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. My hope is to also bring transparency, interest, and enthusiasm to a supply chain that is complex.

Seek represents the desire to always be Seeking as we go through life. Collective represents how it is a vast network of different skilled people united in the creation of each garment. I hope we can all Seek the Collective we want to be part of, I hope we never stop Seeking better ways of doing things, and I hope we can strive for a more Collective and connected way of living.