Climate Beneficial Wool

I have dreamed of bringing sweaters to Seek for many years now but I only wanted to do it if sourcing and production could be held to the kind of sustainable standards I believe in and that I could vet in person. Through many searches and different discussions with people crossing a few countries, I finally connected with Stacie through Fibershed who is passionate about climate beneficial ranching practices. I was able to visit the rancher in California where the wool would be coming from and then found a knitting factory in the Los Angeles area that didn’t have minimums that were too high for my small business. I couldn’t be more thrilled that after so much hard work and time, it has finally all come together and I could not be more proud of this product.

The wool used has been verified as Climate Beneficial by Fibershed. The Climate Beneficial aspect of it, this refers to farming practices that increase Soil Organic Carbon levels, enhance biodiversity by providing habitat for pollinators, birds, and many species, improve the water-holding capacity of the soil, restore healthy ecosystems, from the soil microbiome to nutrient cycles, and provide measurable climate benefits, quantified by open-source data tools. This means the carbon on the farms where these sheep live and graze can be measured and monitored for permanent soil carbon storage. The farms use compost, native crop covers, and renewable energy. Climate Beneficial practices are for the long term health of the land as well as to the future of this planet. The wool comes from sheep on a farm in California, the yarn dyed in North Carolina, and then it is knit in California. These sweaters were designed to be heirloom pieces for you to cherish a long time.  Only wash when necessary. When the time comes, either bring it to a green dry cleaner or hand wash it in cold water with gentle soap then lay it out flat to dry. Do not hang or else this will cause the sweater to become misshapen.

May you go seeking into life in these sweaters with love and care.

x, Carol