Seek Process: New Block Printers

At the very end of 2019 we began working with a block printing unit in Karnataka, a southern state of India. The operation is owned and run by Padmini, who took over the work from her mother after working in business in corporate America. The block printing work holds a meaningful place in her heart, both because of  passion for the craft as well as her passion for the people she employees. 

There is a small team of women who oversee mixing all the inks. They have a great deal of pride in their work and are expert at color matching. Printing happens in two locations; one of in the main building and the other in an outdoor circular structure, which is pictured at above and below left.

It is located on family property surrounded by protected nature preserves. Next to all the printing action a garden dedicated to medicinal plants grows, which is pictured below.  There is a lot here that be used in all sorts of Ayurvedic treatments.

Our work with Padmini had a rough start for soon after we began, covid caused the first lock down. Later in 2020, there was terrible flooding due to an unusually heavy monsoon season, which brought any work getting done to a halt. For any work that has been done in the last year and a half, Padmini has made the health of everyone working with her the top priority as well as making sure all were paid even when work was not able to happen during both covid lockdowns.

We feel privileged to work here and are thrilled to showcase their incredible work through our current prints.  

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