Seek Process: Expanding Sizing


We are always listening to the valuable feedback we receive from our customers so that we can always grow and improve. This is true of the evolution of our sizing. When we shifted our focus from selling in stores to selling directly to you, our customers, we saw greater demand for larger sizes—but we wanted to make sure we took our time to get extended sizing right. This meant working with a technical designer with many years experience in the plus size market to develop new patterns and grading. 

From there we had fittings and updates long before we were able to start production. A lot of this work ended up happening during the height of the pandemic and led to virtual fittings, which you can see below. Meredith Petro has over eleven years experience working as a technical fit designer and has worked with many brands with their plus size development. We could not have done all this without her!

Adding more sizing means creating more inventory and thus producing more fabric. This is a huge upfront expense for us at Seek.  As a small brand without outside funding, creating additional sizing has taken us some time and saving up to get here.  While we have started with going up to size 4XL with just a few styles, we hope to increase this as we move forward, should there prove to be a demand in sales. While we move slowly in how we produce, from the handloom weaving to the hand block printing, we also move slowly in our ability to afford increasing production.

We are thrilled to finally expand our options so that our special sustainable pieces are accessible to more people. Please remember that we have always allowed for custom orders for people in any size and in any style, should we still have fabric available. Just reach out to us if that is of interest to you!  Also be sure to check our measurements guide for each individual style or email us with any fit questions, as our fits tend to be flexible for many different sizes.


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