Seek Process: The Human Connection

At Seek Collective, our belief in slow fashion, small-batch production, and ethical manufacturing is at the heart of what we do. In our latest Seek Process video, our founder Carol Miltimore takes you behind-the-scenes once again, this time to discuss how the network of skilled artisans that we partner with are central to our commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion. 

All of our clothes are crafted through direct partnerships with natural dyers, hand block printers, handloom weavers, and other eco-conscious artisans we met throughout years of researching the purest, most socially responsible processes in India. And it truly takes a village to produce a single Seek garment–one piece of cloth will pass through several skilled hands before it lands on your doorstep. 

Our small-scale production supports and empowers the artisan communities with which we work by providing them with meaningful work and fair wages, which have long term positive impacts on their communities at large. We’re proud to be part of a process that thrives off of human connection, and we’re grateful for your role in it, too.

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