Seek Process: Stitching and Finishing

At Seek Collective, we value precision, craftsmanship, and care at every step of our process, all the way through the very last stage of development: stitching and finishing. This is an extremely important part of the process—designs that started as an images in our minds and then became drawings on paper finally come to life as garments. When Carol first started Seek, she combed through the Indian subcontinent in search of a factory that met our standards of quality, ethics, and sustainability until she finally found the perfect partner in Bangalore: a sunny, clean, and wide-open factory owned and operated by two women. Chiefly, this small company is committed to providing its workers with fair hours, fair wages, and dynamic work.  

Once our fabrics have been woven, printed, dyed, or all of the above, they are sent to this team of seamstresses, master tailors, and hand-embroiderers to be cut, stitched, fastened, and ironed before being shipped to our HQ and, eventually, to your door. In our latest Seek Process video, Carol invites you behind the scenes to see this transformation first hand. On display is one of the most beautiful facets of slow fashion: the fact that when you wear a piece that has been put together by such a process, you are continuing the journey of a piece of art that has passed through many skilled and dedicated hands, and that has now become a part of your daily life. 

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