Seek Process: Seek Supply Chain WHO (stitching+finishing)

The next installment of our Seek Supply Chain focusing on the WHO profiles the wonderful people at the studio in Bangalore where all our stitching and finishing happens.  We at Seek believe it is essential to remember that the making of garments is a human process, and that each person involved is important.  The factories where clothes are stitched are often brought up when we talk about ethics and fashion manufacturing.  There are different scales and conditions for this step in the supply chain all over the world. Unfortunately many stitching factories do not take care of their employees, and the desire to drive the fashion industry toward a more human approach is a big part of why we do what we do and who we work with.

Since our fabric is all produced in India, stitching here as well makes the most sense. It has taken us several years to find the perfect partner and we finally feel we have met just that in this studio in Bangalore. They recently expanded to a new larger space, but it is still quite small, which is why we call it a studio and not a factory. It is woman owned with a special focus on hiring women. The space is clean, organized, spacious, airy, and full of natural light. Each person here is treated as a valuable team member, and they are looked out for by the owner who makes sure they are paid fairly, are safe, and helps with school admission costs for some of the workers' children.  Our hope is that as you get to know each one here, you feel more deeply connected to each individual.

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