Seek Inspiration: Pre-Fall 2020

The transition from summer to fall can be a bittersweet one for those that love hot weather. It is often a confusing time as the heat lingers on while cold weather items are being sold. For this small capsule, I wanted to create beautiful unique pieces that can be worn now and later. A handloom woven dress, a naturally dyed romper, and pair of pants that have been naturally dyed and hand embroidered. 

I've always been heavily inspired by architecture and this was especially so as so much of this year has been about staying home and indoors. Warm and inviting spaces to live in, stripes created by shadows, the journey of fabric in space in pieces by artists Christo and Jean Claude, repetition in shapes by artist Eva Hesse. These all converged as concepts within me as well as visually to be represented as pieces to wear. 

x, Carol

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