Seek Inspiration: Summer 2022

Summer 2022

A sense of whimsy coming together with a classic sensibility.  Pinstripes felt stable and comforting in a simple sort of way, a hark back to my upbringing in a very preppy place as a teenager. The combination of three subtly different pinstripes is inspired by some of Louise Bourgeois’s fabric works. The curves and swirls of the block print are inspired by the mythical illustrations from medieval art and ancient Islamic art, which almost seems like the opposite to the pinstripes yet feels balancing to me as it was a subject that interested me when I was a preppy teenager. A contradiction of sorts, a whirling of dreams in a rigid world. Flirtatious pinks, refreshing green, and classical navy at play with grounding neutral shades. Everything weaving together as a story to wear, now and always.


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