Seek Collective is a line based on individuality and a distinct ease of being.  It embodies a relaxed luxury and sophistication in silhouette and fit with an emphasis on the highest quality materials. Uniting design, elegance, craftsmanship, art and culture.

Seek Collective is dedicated to working with artisan communities in hand block printing, hand loom weaving and natural dyeing processes. Employing these age-old techniques inspire and play a key role in a commitment in their modern revival and to environmentally and socially conscious practices that empower each artisan, their communities, and their technique.

Each piece is hand crafted with focused attention to construction and detail, making every item one of a kind.  Seek is defining a new form of modern luxury through the hands of expert artisans and a renewed point of view.

Carol Miltimore is inspired by her lifelong passion and respect for artisan handiwork. Her travels have given her the opportunity to visit with artisans around the world, including Morocco, Tibet, and India, where she has been able to draw on an ancient history of craft and textiles.  Informed by a decade of experience as a designer, Carol has worked with brands including Anne Valerie Hash, Calvin Klein Jeans, Converse, Michael Kors and Armani Exchange.

Seek Collective was born as she married her work proficiency as a designer and travel experiences with her background as a painter and her zeal for historic craft.

Carol is currently based in Brooklyn, New York while spending a good part of each year in India, which she counts as her second home.

New York

O.N.A. – Brooklyn, NY

Sincerely, Tommy – Brooklyn, NY


Legion – San Francisco, CA

Lake Boutique – Los Angeles, CA

Jade – Santa Cruz, CA



Glasswing – Seattle, WA




Gather + See

Neo Emporium